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Beginning: Moitreepur Meditation Centre has started in 2001 with an area of 65 acres of hill and forest having abundance greenery. The Centre located in a sparsely populated area with the objective to render services to surrounding peoples and subsequently to the greater Buddhist of Bangladesh and global Buddhist community. The peoples livings surrounding the Centre are mostly poor and uneducated but devoted in Buddhism.

However, they still feel that one should understand real Buddhism and practicing it properly in their way of life. Basically, the Centre was stared with local people’s aspiration who wanted to have proper guidance to practice Buddhism. But lay deities of the surrounding do not have any financial capabilities that a proper Buddha Vihara (temple) with meditation facilities to be built in to practice Buddhism.

Since its establishment, the Centre has been working to encourage underprivileged local peoples to lead their lifestyle in such a way so that religion rituals can properly be practiced. This is also encouraging to deities that to understand real Buddhism they should have formal education and meditation can be taught religion education and meditation program to the local at the Centre.

This has also stared discourses on communities and interested other faith followers. The local Buddhist and other religion groups also showed interest and deep devotion in meditation which has ultimately created communal harmony amongst all other religions groups. Many believe that proper practice of Buddhism and also meditation has developed concentration in their way of life.

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