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Know About Moitreepur Meditation Centre

Moitreepur Meditation Centre, a Buddhist Temple & Meditation Centre established for lay deities of the surroundings. It is 7 km. away from city Centre of Khagrachari Hill District, Bangladesh. It is ideally located with natural serenity and practice Buddhism. The terrain of the location is abundance of deep forest with hills and valley. A bit away from noisy of the life.Community surrounding:… In Bangladesh, about 1% tribal peoples of 150 million five in 03 Chittagong Hill Districts (Rangamati, Bandarban & Khagrachari) The greater Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) is a hilly, forested area in southeastern Bangladesh which for many hundreds of years has been home to people from 13 indigenous Tribes. These tribe differ significantly from the ret of the population of Bangladesh in terms of their appearance, language, religion and social organization. Amongst tribal about 0.7% are Buddhists (approximately 750,000) of 13 ethnic tribal minority groups (mainly Chakma and Marma) besides Bengali Muslim & Hindus in 03 Chittagong Hill Doctrines. else three hell districts Buddhist community population are mainly concentrated in Khagrachari Hill Districts. Tribes or ethnics groups of population that practice Buddhism, is belongs to Mongoloid group.

Beginning: Moitreepur Meditation Centre has started in 2001 with an area of 65 acres of hill and forest having abundance greenery. The Centre located in a sparsely populated area with the objective to render services to surrounding peoples and subsequently to the greater Buddhist of Bangladesh and global Buddhist community. The peoples livings surrounding the Centre are mostly poor and uneducated but devoted in Buddhism. However, they still feel that one should understand real Buddhism and practicing it properly in their way of life. Basically, the Centre was stared with local people’s aspiration who wanted to have proper guidance to practice Buddhism. But lay deities of the surrounding do not have any financial capabilities that a proper Buddha Vihara (temple) with meditation facilities to be built in to practice Buddhism.
Since its establishment, the Centre has been working to encourage underprivileged local peoples to lead their lifestyle in such a way so that religion rituals can properly be practiced. This is also encouraging to deities that to understand real Buddhism they should have formal education and meditation can be taught religion education and meditation program to the local at the Centre. This has also stared discourses on communities and interested other faith followers. The local Buddhist and other religion groups also showed interest and deep devotion in meditation which has ultimately created communal harmony amongst all other religions groups. Many believe that proper practice of Buddhism and also meditation has developed concentration in their way of life.

Objective: The concept of the Moitreepur Meditation Centre is intended to dedicated and to devote to the ideal and true spirit of Buddhism and to practice Buddhism with utmost devotion by Monks and lay devotees in the area. This complex will render Buddhist teaching, spiritual mental development and training to Monks and lay deities.
Moitreepur Meditation Centre is a Buddhist temple which renders religious and social services to the surrounding peoples. But, it intends to upgrade its facilities for the Monk’s and deities so that Buddhist religion discourse are chanted properly at religion occasions by Monk’s. Ultimately religious research work, translation of Pali text in local languages for better understanding of Dhamma for devout Buddhists of Bangladesh and beyond in future. So, it will lead to train Monks and lay deities and organize scholastic Buddhist meditation courses and understand Buddhism well.
Religion and Social Services: Buddhist Monks play a vital role in the daily life of surroundings from child birth to ends of one’s life. All Buddhist punimas (full moon days) and Amabashya (dark moon days) are ritually celebrated. Besides, the Monks extend blessing on the occasion at-

Ordinate to a deity to Monkhood;
Chanting Buddhist discourses (Mongala Sutras) at Buddhist homes;
blessing during the time of marriage;
Doing all kind of religious rituals to some
one death and annual remembrance of dead by relatives;
Blessing at the entrance in a new house or starting new business etc. and
Blessing at the Congregation of all Buddhist festivals.

Project: a) First and foremost erection of boundary wall either concrete or with barbwire for 65 acres of land;
b) Main Temple with prayer Hall cum Meditation Hall (possibly separate from prayer Hall) for Monks and devotees;
c) Residence dinning hall for the Monks;
d) 3rd story hostel/residence and also temporary worshiper/participants in meditation and
e) Small individual meditation cells for 25 Monks.

Estimated cost for the above construction will cost approximately US D. 900,000/-

Estimated duration of construction of the project- 10 years.

Respected generous donors: Any kind of helps or assistances of any amounts of your generous donations will be great aspiration to the Moitreepur Meditation Centre and local Buddhist communities. The Buddhist community of Bangladesh and peoples living surrounding will gratefully remember you generous donation for ever. I, am disciple of His Holiness Venerable Sadhanananda Mahathero (Banabhante)- Great Buddhist Monk of Bangladesh who never touch any money or ask any things to any one in his life, believe in same way of my Great Monk and assure you that any amounts of your generous donation will not miss used. It will be great help to smallest Buddhist community of Bangladesh to flourish Buddhism. Any amount sends to the Moitreepur Meditation Centre will be accounted for good uses Buddhism. I, on behalf of the Meditation Centre, request you to visit us to see the Centre and lay deities living surrounding.

“Sabbe Satta Sukkhita Hontu”

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